About Us

Our mission:
We are a non-profit foundation seeking to empower and celebrate women. We use an approach towards women that encourages participation from the entire community in creating equality and healing through self-expression and communication, self-love and self-care.

We approach equality from another point of view. Equality is directed to men, as through them we reach it towards women.
We believe equality is a must and we will do everything to change our ideas and perception of it.

Healing from past trauma will be done by professional psychologists in the near future, as per now we have healing through meditation, healing through music, healing through food, through letting go, through art.

Self-expression: We offer chats to girls through which anonymously you can express yourself and get advice from a big sister which you’ve never met, we arrange meetings if you need someone to hang with, that only if you show your identity. So join our chat, log in and meet your secret sister.

Communication: We offer free classes on self-love, self-care.
Join us for the next meeting.

Comments from our community:
Natyra M. – Keep doing your wonderful work helping girls understand their value. πŸ’–
Memaj S. – Your are the greatest supporter…thank you for giving us hope. πŸ’–
Vanessa M. – Sometimes one of your quotes or your posts was the inspiration i needed for the day. Thank you for being here, one woman should always help anotherπŸ’–
Krenare- You are the voice that needs to be heard in this world, you represent how kind and loyal girls are. πŸ’–
Alyssa H. – You helped me get through so much and I am so grateful for you. πŸ’–