Accommodation in Malta
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Accommodation in Malta


Do you plan to go somewhere new this year or the year to come? Luckily for you Malta exists and it is more than 7000 years old. Dungeons that date back to medieval times, megaliths, and lovely towns and villages. Malta offers you the Mediterranean climate with a dash of Africa, Italy, and Greece. How lovely to have everything in one place. In Malta you will discover beaches and hidden coves. Ancient temples and the best nightclubs. However, the European culture is present everywhere. Find the best accommodation before you book your ticket to Malta.

Best Accommodation in Malta

The Westin Dragonnara Resort

Are you interested in something luxurious friendly and with high standards? Well this resort is what we have for you. Luxury is a dish best served in and out. And you will find that in this resort. A big pool that overlooks at the Mediterranean Sea and the nicest staff you could ask for. A fresh breeze that comes from being too clean will make you feel like you’re sitting in a tropical room and somebody is waving a giant palm leaf over your head. Too good to be true. With curtains that block that annoying 5 am sunshine that hits you directly in the eye even though it might be on the other side of the building. I guess that’s how God works, he makes you suffer early in the morning so you will have a great day afterward. Choose this for your accommodation in Malta and you’ll feel like home, but only if the home was overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and had the scent of sodium and sea salt everywhere instead of some burned food you forgot to check on because you were watching your favorite show on Netflix.

accommodation in malta

Rate: 5 Stars

My Rate 10/10

Excelsior Grand Hotel

This hotel is a must. With not one but two pools. One for you to enjoy the summer evenings overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the other one for your kids to leave you alone. How wonderful is some quiet time without the presence of your kids, not that they are not present, it’s just the fact that they will not even think about you in their personal pool. Situated within the sixteenth-century fortifications of Malta‚Äôs capital city, Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage site How beautiful historical and modern are blended in this place you will find out only if you book this hotel. Friendly staff that will help you relax and if you want to work on something that needs concentration, well just go there, you will be inspired. This hotel looks like a work of art. As if you’re walking in a 3D photograph of your greatest imagination.

Rate: 5 Stars

My rate: 10/10

Corinthia St. George’s Bay

This resort has it all, do you want a hot tub because you feel slightly cramped, you will find it here. Use that tub, get that relaxation you need. If you need an outdoor pool from where you can see the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll have it. Do you need an indoor pool cause it’s raining? Fixed that for you. Everything you could ask for. The perfect accommodation is here. Wi-fi all over the property, parking, spa, fitness center, and everything else is right here. Book it for whenever those bloody borders open and that bloody virus get’s out of your sight. As they say, your dream getaway. The Legend says there is more than just 1 pool there, more than 2…

Rate: 5 Stars

My rate: 10/10

Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Malta

Dear Malta, how come you have so many gorgeous hotels and places in your country? Looking forward to see your answer in reality as soon as the borders open because I am longing for something pleasing to the eye and I heard this hotel might just have it. Friendly staff, pools, jacuzzi, indoor pool, and all the heavenly views that I am looking for. Are you looking for some family time because this place is child friendly, and also heavenly for your little or big ones? (Depends on how your children consider themselves) The rooms are spacious and beautifully arranged and I heard they are waiting for you. Choose Malta, when the borders open, the president is very friendly. Book this hotel, enjoy the company of the palm trees. Oh, and the owners cannot wait to see you!

Rate: 5 Stars

My rate: It’s a 10 of course.

The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux

Still looking for accommodation in Malta. We still have something for you. This one is a beautiful palace for you to find your true kingdom. If you’re royalty of course, if not, you can still go there. But the place is like a king mansion, except no rulers, you will rule it cause you’re a customer and the customer there is treated like a king. Fair enough, who needs the royal blood. Luxurious rooms (royal-like) a spa, a pool, and beautiful sunsets. Lovely place for lovely people.

Accommodation in malta

Rate: 5 Stars

My rate: 10 who wouldn’t want to be treated like a king/queen.

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