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Good evening world, girls of wisdom here.

Today’s article is going to be all about CONFIDENCE, why do we need it, why should we practice it.

You know that we can heal ourselves if we believe in ourselves? NO? WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THAT. If you are happy, you heal faster, if you are confident you are happy. Everything is a chain reaction of another action. Fasten your seat belt because we are going on a ride to visit SELF CONFIDENCE.


Self confidence is the key of everything. Of your life, your relationship with other… Self confidence is essential.

« What it’s like being self confident ? » I was asking me this question a lot since I’m a teenager. But before finding the answer, it’s important to recognize what it’s like being « unconfident ».

Being unconfident : what it feels like :

« Being unconfident, it’s when you feel like you’re not useful, when you think you’re not capable of succeed for an exam, or simply in your life. »

  • You’re always comparing yourself with the other, in real life, or in social media. You think that you’re not « as pretty as her »« as smart »« as fit »… You don’t see your value. There’s a voice in your head, and this voice is always here to remind you how unuseful and incapable you are when you try to accomplish something, like answering a question in class, or even talking to your crush, or to this new girl sitting next to you in your class.
    • Being unconfident paralyse you. You’re scared. You’re sad. You’re not living your life at the fullest.
    • When you’re used to be unconfident you don’t know what’s wrong. You just think that you’re not good enough to live a wonderfull life.But this is not true.You’re worthy. You’re capable of doing great things ! You’re a beautiful soul !Then, how to finally become self confident ?« Being confident is being aware of your capacity, your strength, of what makes you different from the others. It’s knowing yourself. »
    • When you face self confidence issue, and when you’re always comparing, and devaluating yourself in front of the others, you’ll tend sometimes to became « like the others ». You can start playing a role, pretending you’re someone else, like that you’ll try to look like the girls you’re comparing yourself to. You think that you’ll love yourself more if you become like them. It can work at the beginning… But as we say in french : « chassez le naturel, il revient au galop », it’s like « what’s bred in the bone, comes out in the flesh » in English (I think). It means that you can’t pretend any longer that you’re someone you’re not
    • So, how do we know who we truly are ? By noticing the things we love to do. What we’re good at. Everyone is good at something. Or we all have center of interest. It can be anything : like singing, dancing, running, drawing, writing, reading, playing video games, painting, playing piano. Sometimes, we can love something we’re not even good at, for me it’s cooking. I love cooking even if most of the time I fail at doing recipes. But I still love it, so I try again. Recognising what we love to do is the first step for self confidence. Because when we’re doing something we love, we feel strong and capable. We’re putting love on what we’re doing. We’re feeling good. So never stop doing what you love and what you’re good at. It helps developping self confidence.
    • The same way, on a paper, or your phone, write 10 of your defaults, and 10 of your qualities. No more, no less. This defaults, and qualities, even if you don’t like or assume them, are part of yourself. They makes you who you are. They makes you different. They makes you rare and unique. Because this is it: being self confident it’s accepting your difference, accepting who you are, and realizing that there’s no one like you on earth. You’re special. You count. And this is why you deserve to be loved. By the others, but by you firstYou are your best friend. The only person that will stay with you forever is yourself. So take care of yourself, accept who you truly are, you’ll see how soon you’re life will became more meaningful.I hope you find the courage to make a change !

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