Accommodation in Malta

Accommodation in Malta

Malta Do you plan to go somewhere new this year or the year to come? Luckily for you Malta exists and it is more than 7000 years old. Dungeons that date back to medieval times, megaliths, and lovely towns and villages. Malta offers you the Mediterranean climate with a dash of Africa, Italy, and Greece. […]

Travel Mykonos Greece

Accommodation in Mykonos

The Greek Wonder Blue and white buildings, tanned bodies, golden beaches, turquoise, and blue water, pink flowers, and tanned bodies. Does this remind you of anything? Olive Trees on the hills? Great Seafood? If this still doesn’t ring you a bell you’ve lived in a cave with no connection to the outside world. This is […]


Alketa, shqiptarja ia doli! Ju që shani pini “uthull”

Mbrëmja e kaluar “Sanremo”, një festival legjendar në Itali shënoi ditën më të rëndësishme për moderatoren shqiptare Alketa Vejsiu e cila me shumë sukses “pushtoi” skenën  e madhe të Ariston. Ky festival nuk shënoi vetëm arritjen më të madhe për Vejsiun, eksperienca e të cilës nuk ka shumë nevojë për koment, por pushtoi njëkohësisht edhe […]

teenage girls

Teenage girl

How to raise a confident Teenage girl Well being a teenage girl might seem as the worst thing ever. Moreover, being the parent of a teenager might seem worse. This article is for both of you, the parent and the teen. Does your teenage girl has low self-esteem. Probably a bad self-image? Does your teenage […]


What is feminism

Being a human is the grounds of feminism. What feminism is: Being a human being that respects other human beings no matter, age, sex, body shape, color, race, ethnicity nationality, sexual orientation and the list goes on. Being a human being that believes in the social, political and economical equality of the sexes. But the […]


Empowering women with me

Hello wonderful earthly creatures, I’m back and I know you’ve missed me. I hope everything has been well for you dear reader, if not you can always contact us on facebook under the name United Women This month I have a little presentation saved for you, It’s a podcast you can download, or hear […]