Empowering women with me

Hello wonderful earthly creatures,

I’m back and I know you’ve missed me.

I hope everything has been well for you dear reader, if not you can always contact us on facebook under the name United Women

This month I have a little presentation saved for you, It’s a podcast you can download, or hear it on youtube, it might be a little long for you, but if you need inspiration is gonna be the right thing to listen to.

I was interviewed by Tiina Mokvist (owner of the OWN KIND OF WONDERFUL) about my work to encourage woman to empower themselves. I talk about how important self love is, how setting up your own boundaries and loving who you are will help you to love others. Women supporting women and not judging them is my greatest wish. It is now my passion to inspire other women to be kind to them selves and others. This podcast will give you a window into my world..

Head to Podbean to hear the whole episode:

Hello readers Welcome to the GIRLS OF WISDOM PAGE, it's about love, for love and with love. xoxo you know you love me. Girlsofwisdom

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