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How to love yourself

Hello readers, this article is for you. How to love yourself is a topic we have always returned back to because it’s always relevant.

Personally, I have always belittled myself. When I don’t achieve my goals I always say “I can’t” “I am not capable” “I am not smart enough” and this thing has been with me throughout my 25 years of life. I doubted myself and I still do. While teaching you self-love I teach myself the same. Because I am the one for me! So you should be the one for you.

You know, girls usually are looking for their soulmate in people with empty promises and souls? Why so? Because they do not realize their soulmate is them, their own self. Yes, that’s true, because we are always looking for things we cannot find in ourselves, and we are the worst critic of ourselves. We do not embrace our qualities and search them in others. But there are no soulmates in other people, there are just people, whom we learn how to love and how to live with them.

How to love yourself: Lesson nr.1

When it comes to loving yourself, there are bad days. I have them, you have them, everybody has them. These bad days consist of sayings like ” I am UGLY” ” I am not WORTHY” ” I am FAT”. First of all, you are not! Stop crushing yourself and putting yourself down. Set aside negative words toward yourself and towards others! When you do that, that’s when you build the foundation for confidence, self-love, self-worth, and positivity to thrive.

how to love yourself

How to love yourself: Lesson nr.2

Forgive yourself.

When you make mistakes is very easy to beat yourself over the head. And that’s very easy to be done. But you should realize that everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect and you are a human with blood and flesh. You are allowed to make mistakes, and you should forgive yourself when making them! Don’t push yourself too hard and accept the learning process!

how to love yourself

How to love yourself: Lesson nr.3

Limit the time you spend on Social Media.

Social media, the well where all the teenagers drown. Spending more time in social media means spending more time comparing, envying and depreciating! This causes anxiety and depression. A study made by the scientist says that social media is linked to anxiety and depression! Try cutting down the time you spend on social media so you can avoid the negative impact it has.

how to love yourself

How to love yourself: Lesson nr.4

Eat Healthily

Loving yourself goes beyond the mental state. It’s also physical. Your body is a temple that you should take care of. Being healthy, exercising and caring for hygiene is equal to being satisfied with yourself. Eat healthy food and clean food and drink lots of water.

how to love yourself

How to love yourself: Lesson nr.5

Compliment YOU

Self-love means congratulating and celebrating you. Being proud of your achievements even when they are not very important. When you reach a goal embrace yourself. When you like something about YOU savor it. Keep as many positive thoughts in your head for yourself as you can!

how to love yourself

How to love yourself: Lesson nr.5

Don’t materialize

Do not put value in money, appearance, and status. All these things are temporary. They might look good but they do not make one happy! What’s better than loving flaws and intelligence! And working and enjoying the things you’ve worked for.

how to love yourself

How to love yourself: Lesson nr. 6

Learn to Say NO

Protecting yourself is the most important part of self-love. Cut toxic people, say no to things you do not like and enjoy. Give yourself time and protect yourself from things that you consider bad for you!

How to love yourself: The last lesson of the day

Focus on loving but not only yourself

Self-love is often considered egoistic from the ones who do not know the foundations of Self-Love. Self-love is not egoistic or narcissistic. Remember, do not think I love myself why should I care for others. Yes, narcissistic and egoistic people are focused on themselves and they do not care what others feel, they do not care that their actions might hurt others. But when you express love, and affection towards others it will reflect on you back internally. It will become a reflection of how you treat yourself. People who treat other people bad, do not love themselves!

Thank you for reading. Until next time, I wish you blessings and love!


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