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How to love yourself!

Hello lovelies, Girls of Wisdom is back, Did you miss me? I hope you did because I’m back for good, or maybe not..where have I been? that’s a secret I’ll never tell.

For those who did not miss me, well I love you too, why so? Because I did not miss me either.

♡ Some tips to practice self-love. Self-love isn’t achieved within one day. Soon you’ll see how beautiful and loveable you are. ♡

➵ Put the focus on you. Put yourself first, you are your priority.

➵ be careful with your body. It is your house, your temple, so worship yourself.

➵ Listen to yourself to know your desires, know that we each have different times, what may be too soon for you, it may be too late for me

➵ Don’t compare yourself with anyone. You are you. We are all different and wonderful in a different way.

➵ Eat well. Be sure to feed yourself and don’t deprive yourself of eating things that you like, especially if it is because of others.

➵ Practice love and kindness. If you do well for someone, you will feel much better about yourself.

➵ Only change if you want, don’t change because your neighbor asked, change with your consent.

➵ Recognize your habits, your crazes, your way of being, be different, because being equal is really annoying.

➵ Stay away from toxic and negative people.

➵ Look for people who inspire you and not the other way around.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you think you’re ugly, i might think you’re a perfect person for me.

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