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Teenage girl

How to raise a confident Teenage girl

Well being a teenage girl might seem as the worst thing ever. Moreover, being the parent of a teenager might seem worse.

This article is for both of you, the parent and the teen.

Does your teenage girl has low self-esteem. Probably a bad self-image? Does your teenage girl thinks she’s ugly and not capable? Most teenage girls think that they do not fit in. And that might be right, not the fact that she doesn’t fit in, but her thought. We never fit in, we create our own circles, we create our friendships based on our personality. So thinking you do not fit in is wrong, you create your own circle.

As a parent you want your best for your daughter, the best friends, the best decisions, the ability to make those decisions and they want wise daughters. But as teenage years approach a child they turn into locks. Meaning, they do not open up about their feelings, they turn into grumpy people where they start to avoid feelings. They turn to their friends and internet to solve their insecurities. Which is scary!

What can you as a parent do?

Well my first idea is to watch movies together. Yes, movies, you read that right. And how that can help? It helps starting conversations. Teenagers are more vulnerable when they see things that they can compare with what’s going on in their life. Movies are a conversation opener. So use them.

Show that you care. Tell them stories about how your life used to be when you where a teenager. Show them that you had bad days too, tell them how you became stronger.

Accept that they can fail too and praise their achievements. Expect that your children will fail in many things, they are not perfect, neither are you. Help them discover their talents, compliment them and admire their abilities but do not overdo it. Set rules and expect them to follow them.

Show your daughter how to deal with difficulties. Be a role model. Make them follow the way you overcome difficulties. Teenage girls usually follow role models. They act on the way you act. So show them the right way.

Communicate as much as you can. Try to not to lose communication. Teenagers think they have everything under control. So they think they do not need you, but they really do. So keep up communicating and opening conversations. Show examples of what did you had problems with when you were their age and how you solved it.

Keep up with their online life. Do not be obvious you are worried so they accept you on their accounts. Meanwhile, keep an eye what they do, usually their online life is their escape from reality so that is when they might lose control over their feelings. Talk to them about the risks of internet, show them that privacy is a must because pictures of them can be spread online at lightspeed.

Believe in her

Believe in her, and show her that you believe in her. Tell her girls can achieve everything, girls are equal to boys. Girls can be whatever they want to be. Be the one to tell her that she can achieve everything she sets her mind to.

Do not expect her to be a good housewife. Do not plant in her the idea that she has to clean, cook and wait for a husband to marry. She is more than that. Girls are not maids. So help her realize that she is worthy of everything. Do not brainwash her the idea that girls are princesses and they have to wait for a prince to marry them. Teach them to be soldiers, and queens so they take their fate in their own hand.

Make equality a thing at home. Help her realize that boys have to help too. Share chores with your partner to show her how she should be treated. Set the bar high. And do not allow gender stereotypes in your family. Do not teach your children the way girls can do this and boys can do that. NO.

Teach your teenage girl to stand up for herself. Bullying online and offline is a real thing unfortunately. So help your teen to have a good self-esteem and that people who bully her do not define her. She has to know her worth and who she is. Help her identify her feelings.

And the last on my list is make her love her looks. Help your teen fall in love with her flaws, do not make her insecure. Tell her she is beautiful the way she is. She is worthy, she is capable and her body is her choice. Love your body too, be a role model for her. If she sees you encouraging your beauty she will encourage hers too. If she sees you talk good about women no matter the shape she will feel good in her own skin.

Do you have any other suggestion about how to raise a confident teen?

Comment them below.

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