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Hello wisdomers, your one and only source towards positive life.

I am sorry I’ve been not active these days, I had to celebrate Christmas eve, and then Christmas day..but don’t think I forgot about you.

Here I am with something that has always bothered you all and me too..I am sorry you have felt this way..

How do I know you’ve been bothered or sad? That’s a secret I’ll tell right away.

XOXO Girls Of Wisdom.

One of these days, I caught me with a bad feeling while scrolling down through the Instagram timeline. Whenever I notice that I am comparing myself to someone in social media, and consequently feeling lower, I observe if that profile inspires me and bring relevant content into my life. If it doesn’t, I simply unfollow the person. I´m pretty sure I´m not the only one with that problem since many specialists consider social media noxious to our mental health.

That happens because life is shown on Instagram it´s always the prettiest, the coolest, and only now people are creating courage to say “it´s okay not being okay”. I confess I think it´s the best when someone I follow show to their followers a more vulnerable side. It´s that feeling “we are all in this together”, we are all humans independent of how many thousands of followers you have more than me, you also have sad moments.

I know it can be complicated to see so many victories and have the sensation that you are being left behind, but it is important to remind: people share the best parts of their lives, and you are looking to the parts you consider worse in yours. Because at the end of the day we all have our thrown in the couch days, disillusioned about that text that it´s not very good, unsatisfied with a bad hair day or maybe sad with a friend who canceled on us in the last minute.

When I realize the bad feeling in the Instagram timeline, I turn off my phone and go live my life. Go listen to what I am trying to tell myself. Those feelings say a lot about how we see ourselves. Low self-esteem and perfectionism can cause severe anxiety, but the good news is that Tanya Goodin founder of the company specialized in digital detox called Time To Log Off, say that 1 hour or 2 are enough to calm the mind from the virtual stimulus.

How to run away from the addiction and turn off the phone? 
A few tricks can help you disconnect from the virtual world and connect with the real one:

1) Start turning off the notifications;

2) Let your phone out of view; put it in a drawer or a closet;

3) Besides that, you can reserve a time to be online, for example 3 hours divided into morning, afternoon and night.

Minimalism is not about material things, but also about your thoughts, your mind and the content you consumes. Social media gave us enormous power, we can choose who will we listen and see every day. Reduce your feed, up until all it´s left are people by whom you nurture good feelings. Less time, and consuming quality content.

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