love doesnt hurt
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Love is not supposed to hurt.

Abusive relationships and what girls do not understand.

Being in an abusive relationship shrinks  your thoughts for yourself, violence makes you feel vulnerable, and you think that you are doing something wrong. It gives girls the idea that ‘he’ is a God and you can’t get away from him, you cannot live without him.  An abusive relationship is divided in three kinds of abuses Physical abuse and sexual abuse are the worst because they makes you create a shell where you can curl from your thoughts and create a world of illusion. Girls tend to not react and speak about it, they act happy so no one  knows what they go through, they even try to protect the abuser cause they think if he finds out otherwise the abuse is gonna get worse this kind of abuse is called mental. During the mental abuse a girl forgets to live her life, she lives her partners life. She doesn’t realize her door of her shell is totally closed from the outer world. She acts based on her partners rules.

So dear girl, you should think of yourself since the first moments when you see signs of abuse, you can never change someone’s behavior if they themselves do not want to change it. You are strong enough to get over a relationship that goes wrong, so you must be strong enough to get over an abusive relationship. If he hits you then HE DOES NOT love you. Love is affection and caring and sharing, it’s not beating and hitting.

Do not let another human being take your life. Stand up for your life, the most expensive thing one can have.

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