an open letter to women
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An Open Letter to Women

Dear women, I know that you can be successful and achieve a lot in your life. And I know despite what you think of you, you are better than that but what worries me is something more complex.

Even though we live in the 21st century, and times have changed a lot, I see discrimination and hate between two women. We see parts of the society applauding our successes and we see that things have begun to change. However, I see that we women have failed to achieve respect for each-other. It is devastating to witness such envy in your eyes.

I am a social media person, that is the reason for writing this open letter to a women because each day when I go to see what is happening in the world of equality and feminism I see many pages and protests about equality and feminism and discrimination. But at the same time in the streets I see women, like me, judging another woman about the way she is dressed, the color that doesn’t matches her personality, she might be too fat for you or she needs to eat something.

Do we?

We want to support the idea that is necessary to embrace self-love since school, but yet we do not teach our children to hate other children for their appearance. Yet we cannot love ourselves and yet we compare ourselves to other girls on the street, at school, at work and online.

But my question is if we really need to do that? Do we need to hate or compare? Do we need to not accept our flaws? Or we need to be the girl on the front page of this or that magazine? We yell at the top of our lungs that society is teaching us wrong but how can we teach ourselves right? How can we promote self-respect by respecting others.

What I want to say in this blog post is that we are unique and that makes us US. The beauty stands in the fact that we can be strong together without kicking each other’s dreams down, without tearing each other apart. The way we do things tells a lot about our personality. So let’s do things with love. Instead of thinking what an ugly shirt think what a beautiful smile. Because clothes do not make you a better human. Spread love unconditionally. You do not know what someone is going through.

Peace and Love

An open letter to women.



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