Mental Health- Day Dreaming.

-When Daydreaming Goes Too Far- Now what happens when day dreaming goes too far? You find yourself missing days and hours of time daydreaming. This is known as maladaptive daydreaming (MD) — an extensive daydream that replaces human interaction with extensive fantasies that people envision in their own minds. Although it is not a medically […]

Mos i vrisni grate.

Data 3 Janar 2019 Ballsh, burri i dehur s’lejon gruan të shkojë te prindërit për Vitin e Ri, e vret bashkë me motrën (VIDEO) Krimi në familje trondit Ballshin. Burri vret gruan dhe kunatën me thikën e bukës. Viktimat janë Gentiana Caushaj 31-vjeçe, gruaja e autorit dhe kunata Merisa Caushaj 18-vjeçe, ndërsa autori është Gazment […]


Hello lovelies, how is this first day of January 2019? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of 2018. Many of you would argue that 2018 was a bad year, but was it really that bad? We usually tend to see the bad things in a year, we tend to think only about the bad […]

BElieve in YOUrself

Good evening world, girls of wisdom here. Today’s article is going to be all about CONFIDENCE, why do we need it, why should we practice it. You know that we can heal ourselves if we believe in ourselves? NO? WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THAT. If you are happy, you heal faster, if you […]

Instagram life

Hello wisdomers, your one and only source towards positive life. I am sorry I’ve been not active these days, I had to celebrate Christmas eve, and then Christmas day..but don’t think I forgot about you. Here I am with something that has always bothered you all and me too..I am sorry you have felt this […]

How to love yourself!

Hello lovelies, Girls of Wisdom is back, Did you miss me? I hope you did because I’m back for good, or maybe not..where have I been? that’s a secret I’ll never tell. For those who did not miss me, well I love you too, why so? Because I did not miss me either. ♡ Some […]

A journey on self-love pt.1

Hello readers of the world, your one and only source into the self-love journey Today we are gonna discuss about the importance of self-love Today we are also gonna show you a bit of a self-love journey So welcome to our ride, please fasten your seat belts, don’t bump into each other intentionally because the […]

To all the girls out there…

Hello self-lovers, welcome back to your one and only source of self-love articles, the girl of wisdom here and I’m full of love for you. This post is for you, yeah you, you know who you are don’t hide yourself behind curtains of shame and regret Please show yourself to the world, DON’T hide your […]

Never apologize for being U-nique

Good morning readers of the world,  girl of wisdom here, the weather is cold and it’s freezing but we are hot and we are melting for some more articles. U-niqueness was spotted hanging out with self-respect, is this a new relationship we are gonna witness? U-niqueness  was spotted with different last week, is this another […]


Hello readers, your one and only source to self-love is writing again. Today’s post is gonna be a self-love journal. You think you wont need a journal on self-love? Let me tell you that you do. So pick up your pen and start answering, because you need to know more about you. And why you […]

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