How to have better skin

How to have better skin

Hello my beautiful readers, as I struggled little to nothing with skin problems. But what I know is that many people deal with skin problems. I am here to say that you do not need to feel bad because your skin at this moment of your life is not perfect. Noone’ is perfect. superstars are […]

teenage girls

Teenage girl

How to raise a confident Teenage girl Well being a teenage girl might seem as the worst thing ever. Moreover, being the parent of a teenager might seem worse. This article is for both of you, the parent and the teen. Does your teenage girl has low self-esteem. Probably a bad self-image? Does your teenage […]

an open letter to women

An Open Letter to Women

Dear women, I know that you can be successful and achieve a lot in your life. And I know despite what you think of you, you are better than that but what worries me is something more complex. Even though we live in the 21st century, and times have changed a lot, I see discrimination […]

Never apologize for being U-nique

Good morning readers of the world,  girl of wisdom here, the weather is cold and it’s freezing but we are hot and we are melting for some more articles. U-niqueness was spotted hanging out with self-respect, is this a new relationship we are gonna witness? U-niqueness  was spotted with different last week, is this another […]