We are perfect
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We are more than the sum of our parts. We are perfect.

Hello everyone, I know you missed me, and I’ve missed myself too. We are more than the sum of our parts, we are perfect. This article will help you understand how we all go through something bad, and we recover.

To be honest, the thing is, when trying to create a movement you need more than your heart in your hand and the feeling that you can change the world. And no, don’t stop just because I said you need more. Because to me the people who think that they can change the world are the ones who really do.

I was silent all this time, because the progress in my life has been slow. And I needed a break from everything. ( we all have highs and lows in our life, but we should know that it’s okay to take time for yourself even if that means losing your audience). And lately everyone is out there yelling I AM A FEMINIST when they do not know what that is.

I’ve been part of different meetings just hearing out what other people have to say. But nothing compares to the feeling of enough is enough. And people do not seem to understand that that is the reason we are fighting for this movement called feminism. TO ACCEPT AND BE ACCEPTED by everyone. To accept that we are perfect.

Loving YOU.

Accepting yourself is the first step towards freedom as a human being. And lately I have been struggling with that. Because I gained some weight, and I felt my face is puffier than usually, and my eyelids, I never liked them and could’t look myself in the mirror and accept it.

Until I came across the fact that I needed a change in my life. I moved back in my country, and put my mind to work. I did some interviews, which all resulted in a positive answer saying that we need people like you who want to change things, who have a different insight on what life is supposed to be like. People like you who radiate with positivity. .

But that’s not the point, the point is I felt that nobody was looking at my extra kilos, and my puffy face or messy hair. But they were looking through me. These amazing women, were looking at my mind and what I had to offer as a human being. That’s when I realised that I had forgotten to preach what I teach.

And I decided to come back to this website and write about you all as writing about myself. The amazing women of this world that struggle with self-love. The ones that when they look themselves in the mirror feel like there’s something wrong with them. Because we are taught daily on each Instagram post we scroll, or each advertisement we see on the street on how women should look like, and that’s sad.. Because we are more than that.

Embrace each other.

We are a force that radiates energy through the universe. And we should embrace and support each other, because nothing is guaranteed in this world we live.

So why live with hate about yourself? Why do you keep on looking down on other women who need a hand to be lifted in the same level you are? We are more than that..we are perfect

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