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What is feminism

Being a human is the grounds of feminism.

What feminism is:

Being a human being that respects other human beings no matter, age, sex, body shape, color, race, ethnicity nationality, sexual orientation and the list goes on.

Being a human being that believes in the social, political and economical equality of the sexes.

But the thing is, you think you know what feminism is, when you really don’t have a clue.

I thought the same until I discovered there is more to that than just saying I AM A FEMINIST.

I heard that word when I was 15, and until then I had encountered only Masculism.

Men bragging about how strong and powerful they were in a society ruled by men, in a society that gave all the thumbs up to them, meanwhile women were being judged for walking down the streets alone.

This same society body shamed women, raped women and told women to feel shame for their actions which were very normal.

But let’s not get into details and explain Feminism and why am I a feminist:

Being a woman is waking up every morning with the weight of the patriarchy telling you, you are not enough.

Being a woman is walking down the streets and hearing people whisper how fat/thin you are.

Being a woman means you can only dream of dreams society has planted in you.

Being a woman means when you get raped, they will judge you and not the rapist.

So FEMINSM is everything that stands against the things I said beforehand

It doesn’t matter if you know what feminism is, there is still a lot to learn.

Feminism is a movement of equal society without discrimination between males, females and transgender.

When you think you are not a feminist, you are categorized as a sexist.

Sexism is brainwashed and forced to each of use since the beginning of times without us knowing it.

Children are indoctrinated with the ancient concepts of gender roles

Girls prefer Pink and barbies

Boys prefer Blue and cars

Feminism is not believing in the idea that one gender stands higher in the scale than the other.

One gender is equal to the other.

Feminism is making men express feelings, feel vulnerable and wear whatever they want.

And is teaching girls that they can be strong, independent and wear whatever they want.

Feminism is teaching children to respect everyone no matter what they look like.

Feminism is changing the social norms and accepting other people’s way of living.

Why am I a feminist?

What is Feminism

Because after a woman is assaulted they ask the woman what was she wearing.

Because cat-calling is not a compliment.

Young girls can be whatever they want to be.

Feminism stands for all genders, and doesn’t hate anyone.

Because we are all perfect no matter what.

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